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You want your bath clean and welcoming, but Mother Nature and human nature are working against you in this damp, closed environment. That is why bath remodels are necessary.

Sprucing up a bath can be anything from re-painting and caulking, to changing a chipped or stained fixture or rusty faucet, to new tile floors, plumbing and light fixtures, cabinetry, and wall paper. We have also constructed additions for just bathrooms or master bedrooms plus baths.

Baths are small spaces that need a lot of trade disciplines to perform the remodel. Sunny Brook Builders has the experience and team members to orchestrate this tricky scheduling flawlessly.

One of our customers, with only one bath, left for work in the morning and came home after work to a completely gutted bath with a new tub, floor, toilet, and vanity in place and operational, and the walls sheetrocked and taped. When the anxious couple came home to a functioning bath, they said "You did a stroke of work today". We smiled and agreed.

We are ready for your challenge as well.





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