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The Ithaca area is not noted for its sunshine, so we get out and enjoy it at every opportunity. Do need additional exterior gathering space on a deck, patio, porch, or sunroom? Sunny Brook Builders has over 25 years experience in making beautiful sunspaces in the Ithaca area.
Windows let that precious sunshine into our homes.  They  also need to sound to keep out drafts and resist the loss of heat. So you want them to look good from the inside and out and be functional.  Contact Sunny Brook Builders for installation of replacement windows or complete units.

Doors serve important functions as well. Not only do they allow egress, but they offer security, and they greet your visitors.  If your door is leaking air or not holding paint or you want to change the statement your entrance makes to your guests, contact Sunny Brook Builders. We have experience in door replacement and making entrys grander.

 Dormers add light and space to those areas under the roof.Knowing how to install how to seal dormers from the weather and heat loss takes experience.  Sunny Brook Builders has successfully installed many dormers in the Ithaca area that has improved the functionality  of these homes.  Contact Sunny Brook Builders if you are considering making you under roof area more spacious and sunny.


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