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Home Maintenance  

Sunny Brook Builders has proudly offered its Home Maintenance Division since January 2003.

Sunny Brook's Home Maintenance  ("Handyman") Division was established to serve your repair, maintenance, and small remodeling project needs.

This Division is staffed by
James Bowman. James will to you with a wealth of experience and treats your home with the utmost care and respect.

This Division is separate from the main work force of Sunny Brook Builders so it can focus solely on your individual needs for small projects. 

Typical projects include:

bullet Replace doors and windows;
bullet Repair rot around doors, windows, stairs, porches, decks, etc.;
bullet Replace siding and trim;
bullet Install handrails and grab bars;
bullet Add an electrical outlet, or change an electric fixture;
bullet Adjust doors;
bullet Paint a room or rooms;
bullet Change out a plumbing fixture.

Like our other divisions, a free one hour consultation is available if you are unsure what projects you wish to consider.  We do charge for all other time that we work on your project (planning, budgeting,  communication, picking up materials, loading ladders, cleanup, etc.) as well as for materials and other costs (permits, mileage, trash disposal, etc.). 

You should still call our main office at 539-6286 or drop an email with your request.  We will then contact you to initiate the process.  The staff at Sunny Brook Builders  provides support to James Bowman in order to insure success and satisfaction. 

Call us at 539-6286 now to get on their schedule.

Now, you can feel free to call Sunny Brook Builders with any project large or small.  We are organized to serve.


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