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Building A Home  

When it's time to build your dreams

Sunny Brook Builders is where dreams are built.  Our first custom home, over 25 years ago was made from salvaged hand hewn beams reshaped and fastened with wooden pegs.  Our recent homes are displayed below. These are our customer's dreams brought to reality by long hours of planning.

When it's time to build, it's time to come to Sunny Brook Builders. Bring your plans or ideas, and  we will help you make them materialize.

We are attentive to our customers.  As Bobbi Wasenko told us, "We work so well together that you anticipate my thoughts before I can even say them." 

We use the finest materials, and state of the art technologies.  As craftsmen, we are tops in our    field, we incorporate green building and "clean" building methods and materials for the   chemically sensitive and we are a certified Energy Star Builder.





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