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Our Approach  

How We Approach Your Project

Your home is one of your  most significant investments!  

1. Get Acquainted
Establishing trust and confidence begins by getting to know each other.  After you have checked our references, we meet to:

2. Discuss Your Project
This is usually a one to two hour session.  Typically, you will come to this meeting with a building lot in mind and possibly house plans.  If not, we can help you move to this step.  Together we review the plans. We offer suggestions and work with you to define your desires for finished surfaces and the scope of work.  With your concurrence, we sign a budget projection agreement which authorizes Sunny Brook Builders to put together project specifications, a time line, and a budget projection.

On Site Visit
We meet with you and our excavator to discuss options for siting the house considering drainage, views, driveway, and utility placement.  We also use this occasion for further refinement of the project scope of work.

4. Budget Projection Review
Sunny Brook Builders presents project specifications, schedule and budget projection. Together we refine this information and work out final details to begin construction.

5. We Keep You Informed.
From the time the start date approaches and throughout the construction process we set up regular meetings.  We have a message board on site. Communication is a priority for Sunny Brook Builders.

6. We Keep To Our Timeline
Keeping to a schedule is important to you, the members of our production team and our next customer.  We have 20 years of experience in scheduling construction projects.

7. Responsive
Our production crews are not only tops in their field, but they are personable and friendly.  Respecting your property and lifestyle, as well as regularly communicating with you, is our primary concern.

8. We Complete Your Project
We develop a completion list one month before the move in date which helps both you and our team keep focused on the decisions and actions required to meet our goal.



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