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Room Additions  

Additions: Space to Live and Grow


So your family rhythms or growth says you need more space…

Sunny Brook Builders can help you plan and build the additional space you need.

Our over 25 years of remodeling experience are an asset that you can use to guide you through the remodeling process from concept to completion.  You will be confident that your most important assets, your family and home, are treated with care and respect


During the construction process we go out of our way to communicate our schedule and what to expect each day.  We recognize that we are guest in your home, so we treat your property with respect. While these changes to your home are exciting, we keep to our schedule so you can set up to your new family pace as soon as possible. We make every effort to contain dust and minimize the areas we commandeer for our operations.

Sunny Brook Builders:  Respectful, Efficient, Experienced, and Friendly

This family room with wood stove and a bedroom over replaces an old back porch. This family's business expanded. 

The Hall family needed to get the business out of the family space.  This is a work room and office addition.


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