Adding on to your home should be well thought through. Reconfiguring the existing space to accommodate the addition should allow for a natural traffic flow inside, and outside the addition should look like it belongs. 

Roofing design can be one of the greatest challenges as the new joins the old and water is managed and diverted away from the structure. Just adding space and expanded room to accommodate a growing family or make up for a lack of needed work or private areas is not enough. It has to look a feel as if it belongs and it has to improve upon what was there, not just add more space to it. 

Adding on is expensive and maximizing what you get and how it works is vitally important. Melding the new to the old is familiar to us as we have worked with homes built in the late 1700’s through the most recent decade and everything in between.

Let us help you expand your space with a New Home Addition.

Gallery of Addition Projects