Part of our commitment to our clients is education.  That education includes our staff constantly keeping up with training and learning the best practices and materials solutions in an ever-changing building products marketplace and putting it to work every day.

Just as importantly, that commitment also involves taking the time to explain how the different systems of your home function, the causes of the problems occurring at your home and the methods that we use to provide a remedy.

To that end, we are sharing with you some of the problems we have encountered and the solutions we have provided including commentary and pictures in our case studies.  In addition, we regularly post a searchable blog that not only addresses some of the issues we face on specific jobs, but general knowledge to help you understand and manage your home and the problems you encounter along the way.  Making sure that you understand what we are doing and why is a vital component our trust relationship in the remodeling and repair process.

Cabinet Design
Siding project - after
Case Study

Caroline Farm House

SITUATION: Aging in need of rehabGOALS: Lower maintenance, increase energy efficiency, refresh look and feelPROJECT TYPE: Exterior remodeling Case study introduction goes here. Lorem ipsum

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